Reconciliation – Examination of Conscience for Children

1st Commandment

  • Have I refused to believe anything that the Holy Catholic Church teaches? What was it?
  • Have I put anything before God, such as sports, games, or toys?
  • Do I say my prayers?
  • Do I pay attention and participate in Mass?
  • Do I think about God every day?

2nd Commandment

  • Have I taken the holy name of God in vain? How many times?
  • Have I spoken disrespectfully of priest? Or holy things? How many times?
  • Have I used other bad language? How many times?

3rd Commandment

  • Have I missed Mass on Sunday through my own fault? How many times?
  • Have I misbehaved in church? How many times?
  • Have I paid no attention to my prayers?

4th Commandment

  • Have I been disobedient or disrespectful to my parents or teachers? How many times?

5th Commandment

  • Have I had any fights or quarrels? How many times?
  • Have I made fun of anybody or called him or her names? How many times?
  • Have I picked on anyone or tried to make him or her angry?

6th Commandment

  • Have I done anything dirty or impure? How many times?

7th Commandment

  • Have I stolen anything?
  • Have I helped others to commit sin in any way?

8th Commandment

  • Have I lied about anyone? How many times?
  • Have I told other lies? To whom? How many times?
  • Have I talked behind other people’s back? How many times?

9th & 10th Commandment

  • Have I been jealous of what others have?