Natural Family Planning

You’ve heard the old saying: “Couples who use NFP have 12 children”. Well, that is true, some couples who use NFP have 12 children, because they choose to. They planned their family naturally. We all know that natural ingredients in our food is healthier for us than unnatural ingredients. When we eat only processed garbage our bodies do not function as well, they are missing key nutrients, and they break down faster, sometimes leading to serious disease and even death. When we introduce artificial elements into our marriages, elements that God never intended, the same effect takes place – our marriages break down, they do not function as well, and we know something is missing.

Couples who once thought they would never have children, find that through the use of NFP, planning their family God’s way, they are now having children. Other couples use NFP to space children and only consummate their marriage on infertile days due to grave reasons. Other women find that NFP has saved their lives by catching life threatening diseases early and receiving treatment quickly. NFP just makes sense – not only a moral level, but through lived experience. If you have introduced too many artificial intregients into your marriage, NFP is a truly liberating experience. By rejecting that false sense of what should be in your marriage – sin – you find new freedom to live in complete joy and holiness with your spouse and family.

NFP is scientific. It is based on cutting edge modern research and medicine, and sometimes better information than what your general practitioner has access to. Real medical doctors are the ones who have done the research and developed the methods of NFP that work so well. As we said, if you have 12 children using NFP, it is because you choose to have 12 children.

“We are convinced of the fact that the awareness of the meaning of the body – in particular, of its ‘nuptial’ meaning – is the fundamental element of human existence in the world.” – Theology of the Body, Pope John Paul II

“Man can only fully find himself by making a sincere gift of himself.” – Gaudium et Spes, N.o. 22

“Catholic married love always implies the possibility of new life and because it does, it drives out loneliness and affirms the future and because it affirms the future, it becomes a furnace of hope in a world prone to despair.” – Of Human Life, Archbishop Chaput

What artificial ingredients does NFP remove? Some of them include: Contraceptives and abortifacients (condoms, pills, sponges, etc), abortion, in vitro fertilization, sterilization. Other artificial elements may include pre-marital relationships, pornography, masturbation, or infidelity.

NFP Resources

NFP Methods from the Diocese of Lansing

Local NFP-Only Doctors

  • R. David Allard MD Specialty: Family Practice Phone: (248) 546-2110 Royal Oak, MI 48067 USA
  • Thomas Kabisch DO Specialty: Integrated General Phone: (734) 971-5483 Ann Arbor, MI 48104 USA
  • Roger Anderberg MD Specialty: Pediatrics Phone: (734) 971-9344 Ann Arbor, MI 48108 USA
  • Valerie J Lukasik-Bozza PHD Specialty: Psychologist Phone: (313) 682-4699 Dearborn, MI 48124 website: USA
  • Michelle Rabideau MD Specialty: Family Practice Phone: (734) 426-2796 Dexter, MI 48130 USA
  • Kelly Arenz DO Specialty: Family Medicine/OB Phone: (734) 338-0600 Livonia, MI 48152 website: USA
  • Jeffery Paul Berger MD Specialty: Internal Medicine Phone: (734) 338-0600 Livonia, MI 48152 website: USA
  • Stephen W. Bishop MD Specialty: Family Practice/OB Phone: (734) 338-0600 Livonia, MI 48152 website: USA
  • John Damiani DO Specialty: Urology Phone: (734) 676-4040 Trenton, MI 48183 USA
  • Philip Fleming MD Specialty: OB/GYN Phone: (734) 712-1990 NFP Model: STM Ypsilanti, MI 48197 USA
  • William Chavey MD Specialty: Family Practice Phone: (734) 482-6221 Ypsilanti, MI 48198 USA
  • Daniel J Greene MD Specialty: OB/GYN Phone: (248) 656-2022 NFP Model: STM Rochester, MI 48307 USA
  • Earl G Meyer DC Specialty: Chiropractic Phone: (248) 342-1321 White Lake, MI 48386 website: USA
  • Jacqueline Fitzgerald DO Specialty: Family Practice/OB Phone: (989) 736-8157 Lincoln, MI 48742 USA
  • Peter Luea MD Specialty: Family Practice/Gyn-Ob Phone: (517) 913-3820 NFP Model: STM Lansing, MI 48912 USA
  • David J Wittgens MD Specialty: Family Practice/w OB Phone: (517) 913-3820 Lansing, MI 48912 website: www.mmponline USA


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