Warriors of the Word Youth Group


Youth group is open to all teens and their friends from 9th – 12th grade. A teen does not have to be a parishioner to join any of our youth group events. There is no cost to join, however some events do have costs associated with them. Financial assistance is available to families who ask for it. Never let money be a factor in deciding to join any of our events. Our Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Laura Hahnenberg, or any member of our team would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Bible Study

High School teens meet on Sunday morning throughout the year from 10:15-11:30 am for a Bible study. This is a time for prayer, some socialization, and the study of scripture. We use materials from Ascension Press, including Theology of the Body, at Bible study. It’s a ton of fun, and is our primary meeting during the year. We do a lot of other stuff, but this is our “regular” time together. It’s a great starting point to get involved in your ministry. All teens who are members of St. Mary are expected to attend.


Retreats are held occasionally throughout the year and are meant to help teens encounter Jesus Christ and build a relationship with Him. Check the schedule for the next event.

Social Events

Pizza, ice cream, basketball, movies, laser tag, camping. We do a ton of social events throughout the year. Join us at our Sunday morning Bible study to find out when they are, as many of them are completely spontaneous.

Service Events

We participate in everything from cleaning our cemetery, helping the Knights of Columbus, to serving in national projects.

New Years Eve Lock-In

The BIG one. Part retreat, part service, and a ton of fun. We play capture the flag in McCormick Park,  Glow in the dark Toilet Paper Dodgeball,  and team based mystery game puts your sleuth skills to work for the big prize of the night. Praise and worship with Adoration starts at midnight. Don’t miss it!

National March for Life

Life is busy, but it is also precious. Every year our parish leads the Catholic Diocese of Lansing central trip to the March for Life in January. It will impact your life, faith, and worldview forever.

Franciscan University Summer Conferences

Our teens tell us this is the one event not to miss if you can only do one thing all year long. Check out steubenville.org for more information. Teens have powerful encounters with Jesus Christ and his Church throughout the weekend.

2014 Franciscan University Youth Conference Permission Form

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